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oval office oddities: an irreverent collection of presidential facts, follies, and foibles
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Bill Fawcett
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Government - Executive Branch
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Oval Office Oddities: An Irreverent Collection of Presidential Facts, Follies, and Foibles

Price:116,94 kn (15,59 € | 17,99 USD)
ISBN (13):9780061346170
Product dimensions:14.58 x 20.42 cm
Publisher:Harper Paperbacks
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Just in time for the 2008 primaries comes this fun and fascinating collection of all things presidential. Featuring hundreds of strange and wonderful facts, this collection contains information on presidential gaffes, love lives, and odd habits. Illustrated.

Publishers note

Every four years Americans go to the polls to elect a leader--a personage of unimpeachable sobriety and moral standing who will serve as a paragon for the rest of us. But truth be told, presidents and their families are people too--with quirks and character flaws like everyone else . . . and plenty of skeletons rattling around in their closets. "Oval Office Oddities" is a grand compendium of fascinating, sometimes embarrassing presidential facts, gaffes, and oddball behaviors--available in plenty of time for Election Day

White House Whoopee: We've all heard about the dalliances of Clinton and Kennedy--but what were Washington, Jefferson, FDR, and Ike doing behind closed doors?

America's Imelda: Mary Todd Lincoln had an endearing little clothing fetish . . . and once purchased 300 pairs of gloves in a single month

Go West, Young Prez: "California Dreamin'" was not a top presidential priority . . . since no Commander in Chief bothered to visit the neglected coast until Rutherford B. Hayes did in 1880.

Crazy Jack: Many prominent leaders were absolutely convinced that John Adams was stark raving bonkers

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