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  Homemedicalsurgery - general   current surgical guidelines
current surgical guidelines
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Abdullah Jibawi
David Cade
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Surgery - General
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Oxford University Press, USA



surgery - general


Current Surgical Guidelines

Current Surgical Guidelines by Abdullah Jibawi, David Cade (9780199558278)
Cijena:745,88 kn (99,45 € | 114,75 USD)
Internetska cijena:671,29 kn (89,51 € | 103,28 USD)
Uštedjeli ste:74,59 kn (9,95 € | 11,48 USD)
ISBN (13):9780199558278
Product dimensions:9.91 x 17.78 cm
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA

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This handbook summarizes currently available surgical guidelines and clearly presents them in one concise reference source. Further enhanced with diagrams, algorithms, audit tools, and user-friendly statistics, it helps to make surgical practice a well-informed and enjoyable learning experience. This book provides a reference for those embarking on their surgical training, yet is also valuable as an aide-memoire for more senior surgical staff.
Current Surgical Guidelines covers the main conditions requiring surgery, such as breast cancer, foreign body ingestion, peptic ulcers, and vascular diseases, focusing on the evidence and selection criteria which determine the best action to take. Recommendations have been graded according to relevant current guidelines and all benefits/risk decision recommendations have been supported by easy-to-digest facts and figures.

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