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drusilla with a million
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Elizabeth Cooper
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Drusilla with a Million

Drusilla with a Million by Elizabeth Cooper (9781406848571)
Price:86,91 kn (11,59 € | 13,37 USD)
ISBN (13):9781406848571
Product dimensions:15.24 x 22.86 cm
Broj stranica:136
Nakladnik:Echo Library
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It's an awful thing to be poor, Daphne--real poor. Yet-- she said musingly, "even when you're real poor you can always find somethin' to give. Like Mis' Sweet. Did I ever tell you about Mis' Sweet? She lived in our village and she was mortal poor all her life. When her husband lived he didn't do no more work than he had to and she had to git along as best she could, and then when he died she lived with her son, who was so mean and stingy that he made her go to bed at dark so's she wouldn't burn kerosene.

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