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solar architecture: strategies, visions, concepts
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Solar Architecture: Strategies, Visions, Concepts

Solar Architecture: Strategies, Visions, Concepts (9783764307479)
Price:652,05 kn (85,80 € | 94,50 USD)
ISBN (13):9783764307479
Format:23.22 x 30.18 cm

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In the very near future energy-efficient building will be the rule rather than the exception. Insulating glazing, multi-functional facades and organic solar cells are examples of important new developments in the field of solar thermal technology, photo-voltaics, heating and ventilation technology which are suitable for a wide range of uses from large-scale urban-planning projects to individual single family houses, and can make significant contributions to the conservation of natural resources in sustainable building. Carefully selected articles provide information on planning methods and techniques which will enable the user to assess and apply appropriate measures. The essays are complemented by a selection of built examples which demonstrate innovative solutions and the importance of an integrated planning process in realized projects, complete with full plans and large scale details.

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